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Bag it. Stash it. trash it.

The ultimate poo pouch offers a new way to transport your dog's poo to the trash! An all-in-one solution that stores the waste bags, stashes the poo & stows your keys. Kangapoo comes in handy EVERY time your dog stops to poo! Now, you can bag it, stash it & trash it!

Take action to keep nature (and the underside of your shoe) pristine, one poop at a time. Adventure on with Kangapoo!

Key Features

Why is Kangapoo's dog poo pouch the sh*t? We've kept dog owners in mind every step of the way, because as dog owners we get it! Reducing the odor, keeping it lightweight and easy to clean are just a few of the features.

Upcycled rope leash

Rock climbers eventually retire their ropes from climbing, but the ropes remain an incredible piece of gear! We take these retired ropes and give them a new leash on life. Our ropes have been put to the test by climbers around the country. Keep the adventures going with a Kanga Leash!



Tails and Trails

Join us in helping make the outdoors a little cleaner on our next dog-friendly hike. We pick up trash and left-behind poop bags along the way, so bring your gloves, sunnies and hand sanni, cause it might get hot and dirty!

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One poop at a time

One poop at a time is a slow process. We recognize that to make a bigger impact and support conservation efforts, it's better to work together! Your purchase of a Kangapoo product helps us support foundations that conserve and protect wildlife habitats around the country.

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