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1. How many poops does the pouch hold?

This depends on the size of your dog's dookie, but the Kangapoo Pouch holds up to 5 petite poops, 3 mid size turds, or 1-2 giant
deuces (think Great Dane)

2. Can I put the Kangapoo pouch in the washer?

Yes, Kangapoo is washer-safe.

3. Is it smell proof?

Pretty darn close. Please refer to question 2.

4. Do i need a specific leash for the poo pouch?

The Kangapoo Poo Pouch attaches to any retractable leash, rope
leash, backpack, belt, or your Prada handbag.

5. Where has your repurposed rope been used?

Our rope is the real deal; these ropes have been used in Yosemite, Utah, Tahquitz, and
other crags around the country supporting climbers on their adventures.

6. My toilet broke, can i use a Kangapoo instead?

No, you will want to call a plumber and get your toilet fixed.

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