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Our Story

Get to know our founder, Tiffany.

On her days off from the hospital, Tiffany loves to get outside, going on frequent hikes with her dog Chica to disconnect from technology and enjoy what nature has to offer. One particular hike stuck out to her, not because of the blooming flowers, but because of the piles of dog poop left behind! We all understand holding the smelly poop bag is less than ideal, and without a trashcan around options can be limited, but leaving it behind is harmful to the natural ecosystem. This was the spark that led to the creation of the Kangapoo Pouch.

Our Passion

Our passion is cleaning up and protecting our cherished natural lands for future generations to enjoy. Your purchase of a Kangapoo product helps us support foundations, such as Leave No Trace & Bolsa Chica Conservancy, that help conserve and protect other wildlife habitats around the country.

The Problem

Dog poo left behind, especially in waste bags, is a problem... This has a negative impact on our delicate ecosystem; water sources can be contaminated, leading to algae blooms that harm aquatic life. So let's pick it up, pack it out each and every time!


As a restoration volunteer at the Conservancy, our CEO Tiffany picks up trash, removes invasive plant species, and educates new volunteers.



Chica was born in Ensenada, Mexico as the runt of a litter of 9 pups. As the runt, she was always hungry, but her appetite for life far surpassed the hunger in her tiny belly. Unknown to Chica, and it was only a matter of days until her new family would find her, and save her from the rough street life of an Ensenada dog. After a slow afternoon laying her empty belly on the warm pavement in the Ensenada sun and begging for scraps from some tourists outside of the local carneceria, she heard the approaching footsteps of a kind woman who reached out her hand with a piece of chicken. At first Chica was afraid, as she was of almost everything.. but chicken is her favorite, and as soon as she took a bite she knew this was the first bite of many, many chickens, and her life was about to change for the better. She soon came with her new friend to America on a permanent visa. Since then the two have been inseparable, and Chica has found a fulfilling career as a Therapy Dog in Newport Harbor.


When Chica heard the words "Therapy Dog", she understood exactly what they meant... and that it was to be her calling. She studied and practiced for weeks, shaking hands everywhere she went, and learning to poop on command. And despite some minor troubles with the law and a night or two in the slammer, she managed to become one of the leading therapy dogs in her field. She is currently Senor Fellow at the Institute of Chihuahua Behavioral Analysis.

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